Business Letter Format Example

Business letter is an official letter, used in an organization, which is used to carry out business activities in their respective organizations, such as feedback and business cooperation. Although looks outdated, this method is still relevant for use in the present. The benefits of using business letter, is the permanent record, the messages conveyed clearly and well accepted by business partners.

Business Letter Format Example 

[Your Name ]
[The Sender’s Address]

[Date 00/00/0000]

[Address of the recipient]

Dear [Sir / Madam,]

Re: [Subjects/issues]

The first paragraph: state briefly the purpose of your application,
accurate and detailed.

Second Paragraph: Explain briefly about your issue, explain what is your proposal,
solution associated with the main issue of this letter.

The third paragraph: Finish the last paragraph by saying, how important
cooperation ,agreement to you, and how it can help you and your

Indicate your sincerity, followed by a thank-you letter and signature at the
bottom of letter.

Sincerely yours,


[TheSender’s Name]

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