How To Make a Simple Resume And Attract Readers

A resume is a summary of the historical documents of background, education, accomplishments, experiences, and so forth. It is an essential tool to take you to the arena of employment. For employers who receive hundreds of resume application, it is easy for him to determine who was eligible to receive an interview call from them. […]

Resume Sample For Free

resume sample preview

This is my first attempt on making resume on graphic software like photoshop,however the design may irritated  you and don’t even compare with the quality on other graphic designer which has much more skill than me. While  some sort of opinion that not recommended this style when making your resume instead just using A4 blank […]

Advertising Resume

Your Name 1234, West 67 Street, Carlisle, MA 01741,(000)-000 0000. Objective: A reputed Management Level in Advertising and Public Relations Profile Resourceful, enthusiastic and adaptable fresh graduate with excellent academic background in effective communications and internship experience as Communications’ Program teachers’ assistant.

Simple resume examples for graduate nurse

Nursing job is one of popular job at this century,increasing of society population demand lot on medical support . It’s a good opportunity for nurse job as well as requirement demand. If you just  on beginning of finding nurse job or already work,this guide will help you going through it. As an graduated nurse you […]

Simple Solid Resume Sample For Fresher

Resume Freshers

Making a Simple Resume Sample for Fresher are easy to compile ,using correct format and resume type. These  are resume sample  for fresher available for reference. Downloaded resume sample should not be copy directly but use it only for reference then you can compare with other resume sample you can find in the net.  Looking […]