How a Simple Resume Can Help You-Job Placement Tips

Using a simple resume to apply for jobs, maybe not the choice of many people.But the basic format simple resume,suitable for applicants who have limited knowledge about how to create a resume for the first time. Simple components such as resume outline,layout and font used, the components necessary to build a quality and effective resume. However, there are several issues that may arise,can threaten your application in the resume.

This issue may be harmful to your resume

1)  You have write resume but not have good content

  • Most of recent fresher intend to make resume, many of them have grammar mistake, punctual mistake and more.
  • They list their daily task but not point out  the keyword that  related to the position  being  offered
  • Some part is missing, for example; education detail, professional experience and more.

2)  Poor  layout and font

  • Making a simple resume is easy, but If you don’t  use right resume layout ,it will become much more ugly and hideous to look
  • Not using right font and size matter is important for professional look. Use Arial or times new roman font is common practice, for font size use 11 and 12.

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Free alternative for professional resume template

It’s seem bit difficult for anyone or fresher intend to design a Resume Template from scratch,hesitating about how to obtain fresh design for resume nor to buy or asking help from friend that can put you into miserable situation,why not using free template from Google where are all free stuff coming.

Tips making resume on free professional Resume Template Google

  • First of all,in order to use Google Resume Template. You must have a Google account ,sign up or login if you already signed up,go to this page At the left sidebar in the column you will see red button “Create”,go on and click on that button. Then scroll down and click “from template”.
  • New tab will open at new browser,you will see a list of template categories. Of course if you not sign in yet,you can’t see the template. Scroll down and click “Resume and Cover Letters” categories,then you may see full list of Free Resume Template,you can find the best option for template by clicking at the top left sidebar links “Sort By” on any option you preferred. Continue reading Free alternative for professional resume template

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Entry Level Resume Writing Tips

Do you look for a job? If you have just graduated from college or university, you might not be experienced with writing a simple resume for a job. In that case, the tips here would be very helpful for you.

First of all, you need to reserve the top of your resume to introduce yourself briefly. You are not told to write paragraphs to introduce yourself. Instead, you should use point forms. You can use at most 3 points to introduce your personalities or your career goals. What industry do you want to work in your future? Are you willing to serve an organization? You should use the points to show these things.

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5 reasons why your resume is not accepted

It’s always been subjective point of view for a primary question “why is my resume not accepted” and then they said i was not qualified for any position in this company that suitable for my resume . This situation may be a little harsh on you that have not been through the employment phase, but this is a real fact of life.

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