Free alternative for professional resume template

It’s seem bit difficult for anyone or fresher intend to design a Resume Template from scratch,hesitating about how to obtain fresh design for resume nor to buy or asking help from friend that can put you into miserable situation,why not using free template from Google where are all free stuff coming. Tips making resume on […]

Entry Level Resume Writing Tips

Do you look for a job? If you have just graduated from college or university, you might not be experienced with writing a simple resume for a job. In that case, the tips here would be very helpful for you. First of all, you need to reserve the top of your resume to introduce yourself […]

5 reasons why your resume is not accepted

It’s always been subjective point of view for a primary question “why is my resume not accepted” and then they said i was not qualified for any position in this company that suitable for my resume . This situation may be a little harsh on you that have not been through the employment phase, but […]

How To Make College Student Resume

Scoring the best point is the major purpose to get excellent results during graduations . Walking out on the last day from college means that you are now ready for working hours. This is right  time to consider making new application for College Student Resume. The next article will help you outline important part making […]

Software Tester Simple Resume

Software  Tester is not just an average job anymore ,typically an experienced software tester  receiving average annual salary  more than $70,000 year at united states based on the report by at 2009.This is reason mostly (IT) graduates trying hard  to get in the position of software tester . Jobs description as software tester responsible to […]