Entry Level Resume Writing Tips

Do you look for a job? If you have just graduated from college or university, you might not be experienced with writing a simple resume for a job. In that case, the tips here would be very helpful for you.

First of all, you need to reserve the top of your resume to introduce yourself briefly. You are not told to write paragraphs to introduce yourself. Instead, you should use point forms. You can use at most 3 points to introduce your personalities or your career goals. What industry do you want to work in your future? Are you willing to serve an organization? You should use the points to show these things.

If you have not worked before, you should put your educational background at the top. You need to state the grade points and the class of honor that you have got from the Degree. This would help you express your academic excellence to your future employer. But if you have worked before, you can introduce the working background first.

Usually, people would create one resume and use it for applying many jobs. This is the common mistake among job seekers. Instead of doing this, you need to make the resume unique to the specific job. Different job would require different skills. Some might require you to be deadline-oriented while some might require you to have high social skills. You need to find relevant activities that you have done to support that you have these skills.

You should always limit your simple resume in one page. It is because your future employers would not have the time to read so many words and paragraphs from your resume. Therefore, you should use point form and make your resume precise and concise.

You should also pay attention to the specific items that your future employers might require you to include. For example, you need to include your expected salary at the end of your resume if the recruitment requires you to do so.


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