How to Know if Your Simple Resume is Free from Errors

Before sending your Simple Resume to prospective employers, you should update your resume, in respect of grammatical errors, spelling errors and punctuation letter. For those who do not know, the method used to detect and correct errors in the resume is called proofreading. There are several components involved in doing proofreading your resume. These components consist of:

Print directly

  • This method is used because it is easier to detect error in resume, rather than via a computer screen. In fact, it is easier to just put a marker for the mistakes you see.

Grammatical errors

  • According to a report issued by the department of human resources in 2007, nearly 50 percent failure, job applicant comes from a grammatical error. Many people want to work, but lack focus on the use of correct grammar. This is a loss for most of the job applicant.
  • Use the dictionary as a guide when writing resume content, select the appropriate verb.
    If you use Microsoft software, you can write a resume using a reference work that lists thousand of verb, to create the desired content your resume.
  • Word processing software like Microsoft will outline the aspects of writing on  the common grammatical errors. This will  help save your time and provide good user guide.

Proofread your resume on a forum

  • If you think it is difficult to proofreading your resume, you must be lazy to make your own research. This is the simplest way to correct your resume. For some people, this method may not be suitable for resume information that will be exposed in this way. Think of a suitable alternative, if you want to get feedback, use your personal information that is false, your goal is to get feedback about the mistakes you do not see. Most of the moderators are the teacher or a trained workforce in resume writing.
  • How to find the proofreading forum resume, I am using simple keywords like “resume proofreading forum”, you can use your own keywords to find the appropriate forum of your choice, as long as it can leverage your knowledge and skills.

Layout and design

  • Good resume layout, able to attract the attention of the interviewer, based on the best available example of resume, you never will have problems to write the desired resume. Unless, if you create a resume and layout in your own way, although it is not difficult, but some errors can make your resume is not useful.

How to do a good resume design.

If you are looking for a simple example of resume through internet search, you can find wide variety of designs, formats and types of resumes. Although it was designed for a specific job. It was not a barrier for you, but it is a good reference for you.

Good resume layout should have a simple component such as, space for personal information, job objective / descriptive applications, information of  education, professional work experience and references for the witness of your solid  information.

Meanwhile, the second most important aspect not to be taken belittle the use of font size, type font, you must want to communicate with both, so avoid the use of size and type of font that is not appropriate.


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