How to Create a List of Warm Contacts

Usually when you are looking for a job, you would ask for help from family and friends. You would contact these people to ask for information on current job openings, business opportunities and tips. Your family, relatives and friends belong to your warm contact list. The warm contact list is the list of people with […]

Tips for Creating a Strong Acting Resume

As an actor, you will have to ‘apply’ for an acting job, except that in your profession, it will be called an audition. Your acting resume is one that casting agents take a look at first in order to determine whether you’re right for the job or not. It’s an essential tool in your career […]

How To Get the Interview

Scoring the interview for the job that you want doesn’t have to be rocket science. Sometimes you can score that interview by simply making a phone call. There are many ways that people go about trying to get an interview. The methods of achieving one vary by company. It is best to know what the […]

Architect Resume

Here are the sample Architect resume ,fell free to feedback. Edward Noah 1234, West 67 Street, Carlisle, MA 01741,(000)-000 0000.  Education Sept 1980 – Dec 1982 Masters of Architecture ABC University (Oakland, California) • Fall ‘Plan Off’ competition winner • Graduated with honors Sept 1975 – June 1979 Bachelor of Environmental Design XYZ University (Brighton, […]