Preparing answer for the big interview

Facing into the world of working hours it’s not something ease nowadays. The company seem execrable at hiring people these day , you ‘ve been good shape while facing the recruiter and make an eye contact to reconnect you with them . Although you might attended  vocal classes  to control voice tone ,still it’s not enough to  fascinate Recruiter . Last step to prepare yourself for the big interview are preparing for the answer.

In order to maintain your shape and to not lose stability of your tongue and confusion , it’s is important to preparing answer for next question. These simple question and answer will help you through the interview :

Self Introduce

  • The answer : You might started by stating your detail information of full name ,qualification,certificate,professional experience and why looking for a job. The introduce should not exceeded more than 5 minutes.

Reason for resignation

  • The answer : To make use of my clarification and working in advanced environment

Reason to hired you

  • The answer : I’m qualified for the position and my years experience will become company asset

Do you have any problems with superiors or colleagues before

  • The answer :Yes, for those who like to burden others with his work and putting the blame on other colleagues

These short example of answer surely will help you to determine which action to take when recruiter intent to test your  skill, however you should also improve your body language and maybe it will help you get the job you want


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