Simple Resume

Do you have ever writing resume for work application or in some situation need you to prepare immediate Simple Resume that showing basic of your introduce ,perhaps some personal detail and your work experience .

Writing simple resume is not easy and not hard at all, first thing you should consider while prepare your resume detail, you might want to check these four basic rules in your simple resume creation:

  • Contact Detail
  • Work Experience
  • Education /course
  • Skills

1.  Contact Detail

In all application, the very first thing that should appear on top of your simple resume paper is your full name and followed by your address, then your email so your phone number; this is basic rule while preparing your first introducing.

2. Work experience

This basic rule only imply if you have doing some work  before this ,if you have  work experience in past ,make sure you write it down begin with your position ,the place name you work also don’t forget  how many year/month  you have served in that position.

3. Education /Course

Education detail is a must basic  rule you should not forget ,this rule play important part where your work career start here ,so make it right and be honest  .

4. Skills

The skills are key for your interesting simple resume creations, in other hand having certain skill also improve your resume quality and make the resume simply worth to value.

So, remember the most basic simple resume is already mentioned here and you should put it down on your notepad in case you need it someday.

Simple Chronological resume 


  1. Hye SRS~
    This tips can use to student that want to apply a new job.
    Mayb for student can use colourful paper to printout their resume! Its awesome & different rite??? hehehe

    Mana tahu luck yg ada 😉

  2. akubiomed says:

    At least have some guidelines to follow for who want to apply a job

  3. terus ingat resume saya masa minatk keje heee..

    nak baiki resume sekli lagi dah rasa malas huu…

  4. Ali ridha says:

    dalam resume boleh tunjuk skill
    yang kita adakan.

    bagaimana pula nak tulis surat,
    supaya syarikat lain menggunakan
    perkhidmatan kita.

  5. rarely student dont have any working experience… so they can put any job , like part time job or freeelance job??

  6. techlib says:

    You are sharing Good resume tips. Thanks.

  7. Sabahan Bloggers Club says:

    Dulu baru habis belajar, nak tulis resume memang payah sangat sebab takde pengalaman. Kalau ada buat projek time belajar tu OK gak ler. kalau tak kosong jer resume. 🙁

  8. MDHAFiZ.NET says:

    nice sharing bro 🙂

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