Software Tester Simple Resume

Software  Tester is not just an average job anymore ,typically an experienced software tester  receiving average annual salary  more than $70,000 year at united states based on the report by at 2009.This is reason mostly (IT) graduates trying hard  to get in the position of software tester . Jobs description as software tester responsible to find any error in the product and repair the damages .

Jobs Requirement as Software Tester

Initially,to apply as software tester the applicant must have  interest on computer programming and  having variety of  multi progamming skill like php,mysql,c++ and deeply understanding of java environment.As the software tester ,they have to be in the group of  team designer to deliver any technical help  in making software and do update too. They also must experienced in quality assurance to keep the product  update on the company specification.

Requirement for Software Tester

  • Basically to become a software tester  ,a applicant should have a recognized certificate computer  diploma or degree  and has working years in (IT) field ,but if you just a person who are really addicted on the console game like: ps2,xbox360,psp,pc gaming and  having multiple skill in server and database  management ,you might a suitable person for the position as game tester.
  • Candidate must passed  software testing certification exam  to apply as software tester in any company that offered software tester position.

Software Tester Simple Resume will help you outline for your resume creation in order to apply as software tester. Here are the screenshot  of Simple Resume For Software Tester.

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