Telephone interview questions

Often, the hiring managers use the phone interview to begin before the personal interview with the selection of candidates. Therefore, we provide tips for preparation.

Do not underestimate the importance of the telephone interview questions as on the phone the social skills of the candidate are tested.

The telephone interview is as important as a personal interview. Through the telephone interview questions companies save the selection of interesting candidate’s time and money. The hiring managers check the candidates if they communicative and can adapt quickly to new situations on the phone, leaving the recruiter a positive first impression.

What you must do on phone interview?

Structured answer

Most companies adhere to the telephone interview. Thus, it is important to think about a convincing self-presentation. How do I respond to questions about the curriculum? What can I say about the company? Where can I see my strengths and weaknesses?

HR professionals expect clear answers structured. By asking “Tell me what you have done the last few years”, in order to test you, it implies they want to know how pointedly important facts can be presented by the applicant.

As you want to apply for some post remember to do the following steps:

  • Telephone script writing
  • Know more about writing application
  • Do the professional Job Search
  • Apply in English

Interview isn’t a rendezvous with fear

Write the telephone script before a telephone interview with keywords that you want to contribute. In general, the recruiter will ask for important points in your CV. Your answers should always agree with the statements of your resume, otherwise you risk a cancellation.

An example can help you understand this. Many companies use native speakers one to test your language skills on the phone. International companies ask the questions in abrupt language to see how the candidate responds flexibly to unexpected situations and to what extent he actually mastered the language specified in an interview.




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