Truth About Taking Online Courses

While the cost for life goes on increasing day by day, it seems whoever left behind in part of development surely feels this life is cruel and unfair for someone. Not even double syif work would enough to accommodate the expanses rise for any activities . However,the pain can be treated by having certain skill or recognized certificate which is the key to change lifestyle and high payroll.
The only way to escape the poverty trap is the upgrade yourself to get the highest education that could ensure a bright future. Online courses are one method that could provide opportunities for you, it is a distance learning via Internet approach. The method of this study was very popular in this century.
However, there are some disadvantages and advantages of online learning courses. Here a few examples;
Advantages of online courses

  • The best advantage on online course is flexibility , student can determines to take a course on a weekend day or normal day , student also can make they own schedule which can help them split the time for work and take the course .
  • A student also can reform a study group online together by a friend or group discussion on the net, this will help a lot on exchange information between the student.
  • Some of the employer does offered the fund opportunity to pay the expanses for an employee to take the online course.

Disadvantages of online courses

  • One of the worst scenario taking an online course is the lack of supervision or less attention, this is surely will not benefit at all because online course expanses much higher than normal learning .
  • While the truth taking an online course make easy for long distance learning , system for online course will not work if the Internet connection not available at some location.

The truth maybe hurt ,but in the eye of personal experience you must have this element before taking an online course

  • More time to communicate and typing
  • Condition require you must not fall to procrastinate
  • You have to be independence on your own drive
  • Responsible for own action likely time management
  • Become an active learner is a must

While the truth on taking an online course is not easy to achieve , the results will not disappointed you if you care to guide yourself into right-way of self learning and most importantly time management . Not everyone wearing same shoe likes you,if you have a chance ,please go after it and try the best effort to complete the mission .

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